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Transportation Sign Up

Does your student need transportation to Andrean High School? Here are our current routes with times:

Porter County Flyer – Pick-Up
6:35 am – St Paul – Valparaiso
7:00 am – Nativity – Portage
7:30 am – On Campus
Lake County Flyer – Pick Up
6:25 am – Dyer (St Margaret Hospital East Lot)
6:45 am – St John the Evangelist Old Church on Route 41
7:05 am – St Michael Church
7:30 am – On Campus

The monthly fee for the morning flyer transportation to Andrean is 100.00 per month,  which will be added to your Facts Account

Students will be dropped off at Door M.

All students will need to show identification until they receive their Andrean ID’s. Names will be checked daily by the van driver. There will be no substitutions for students riding the Fifty-Niner Flyer.

If you have any questions, please contact the Main Office at 219-887-5959